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1 route stored from LSZH to VABB
Departure:  Switzerland LSZH  (ZRH),  Zurich
Destination:  India VABB  (BOM),  Mumbai
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Great circle distance: 3528,8 NM
Initial true course: 095 deg    Initial true course: 095 deg
Altitude Route Remarks
FL286-FL999 DEGES Z2 XEBIX UN871 BADVI UL725 GAMLI UL605 BULEN P975 MATEL T555 INKOM N605 LAGIR L851 KUGOS UL851 TBN UP146 ARI UL223 DASIS UL333 TBZ RUDAD UL125 ZDN G208 PG G210 TELEM N893 VASLA G210 BBB Show routing Printable version (detailed)
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