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380 departure airports found for destination airport EDDF - Frankfurt Main, Germany
Country Airport from ICAO IATA <- click to sort
  Jose Marti Intl   MUHA   1 route
  St Johns Intl   CYYT   1 route
  Modlin   EPMO   1 route
Afghanistan Kabul Intl   OAKB   1 route
Albania Tirana Rinas   LATI   1 route
Algeria Houari Boumediene   DAAG   1 route
Angola Luanda 4 De Fevereiro   FNLU   1 route
Argentina Ministro Pistarini   SAEZ   1 route
Armenia Zvartnots   UDYZ   1 route
Australia Melbourne Intl   YMML   1 route
Austria Graz   LOWG   2 routes
Austria Schwechat   LOWW   2 routes
Austria Salzburg   LOWS   1 route
Austria Linz   LOWL   1 route
Austria Innsbruck   LOWI   2 routes
Austria Klagenfurt   LOWK   2 routes
Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev   UBBB   1 route
Bahrain Bahrain Intl   OBBI   1 route
Bangladesh Zia Intl   VGHS   1 route
Belarus Minsk 2   UMMS   1 route
Belarus Minsk 1   UMMM   1 route
Belgium Brussels Natl   EBBR   2 routes
Belgium Deurne   EBAW   1 route
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo   LQSA   1 route
Brazil Guarulhos   SBGR   1 route
Brazil Congonhas   SBSP   1 route
Brazil Galeao Antonio Carlos Jobim   SBGL   1 route
Bulgaria Burgas   LBBG   1 route
Bulgaria Varna   LBWN   1 route
Bulgaria Sofia   LBSF   1 route
Cameroon Douala   FKKD   1 route
Canada Vancouver Intl   CYVR   1 route
Cape Verde Amilcar Cabral Intl   GVAC   1 route
Chile Arturo Merino Benitez Intl   SCEL   1 route
China Lukou   ZSNJ   1 route
China Hong Kong Intl   VHHH   1 route
China Baiyun Intl   ZGGG   1 route
China Xiaoshan   ZSHC   1 route
China Capital   ZBAA   1 route
China Jiangbei   ZUCK   1 route
China Pudong   ZSPD   1 route
Croatia Zagreb   LDZA   1 route
Croatia Rijeka   LDRI   1 route
Croatia Dubrovnik   LDDU   1 route
Croatia Pula   LDPL   1 route
Croatia Split   LDSP   2 routes
Cuba Juan Gualberto Gomez Intl   MUVR   1 route
Cyprus Pafos Intl   LCPH   1 route
Cyprus Larnaca   LCLK   1 route
Czech Republic Turany   LKTB   1 route
Czech Republic Mosnov   LKMT   2 routes
Czech Republic Ruzyne   LKPR   2 routes
Czech Republic Karlovy Vary   LKKV   1 route
Denmark Aalborg   EKYT   1 route
Denmark Esbjerg   EKEB   1 route
Denmark Vagar   EKVG   1 route
Denmark Kastrup   EKCH   1 route
Denmark Aarhus   EKAH   1 route
Denmark Billund   EKBI   2 routes
Dominican Republic Punta Cana Intl   MDPC   1 route
Dominican Republic Gregorio Luperon Intl   MDPP   1 route
Ecuador Mariscal Sucre Intl   SEQU   1 route
Egypt Hurghada Intl   HEGN   1 route
Egypt Cairo Intl   HECA   1 route
Egypt Marsa Alam Intl   HEMA   1 route
Egypt Sharm El Sheikh Intl   HESH   1 route
Egypt Luxor Intl   HELX   1 route
Estonia Tallinn   EETN   1 route
Ethiopia Bole Intl   HAAB   1 route
Finland Tampere Pirkkala   EFTP   1 route
Finland Rovaniemi   EFRO   1 route
Finland Helsinki Malmi   EFHF   1 route
Finland Kuopio   EFKU   1 route
Finland Helsinki Vantaa   EFHK   2 routes
Finland Pori   EFPO   1 route
Finland Ivalo   EFIV   1 route
France Merignac   LFBD   1 route
France Bron   LFLY   1 route
France Campo Dell Oro   LFKJ   1 route
France Le Touquet Paris Plage   LFAT   1 route
France Poretta   LFKB   1 route
France Le Bourget   LFPB   2 routes
France Saint Exupery   LFLL   2 routes
France Auvergne   LFLC   1 route
France Cote D Azur   LFMN   2 routes
France Guipavas   LFRB   1 route
France Charles De Gaulle   LFPG   2 routes
France Aix Les Bains   LFLB   1 route
France Bagneres du Luchon   LFCB   1 route
France Provence   LFML   1 route
France Bale Mulhouse   LFSB   1 route
France Blagnac   LFBO   1 route
France Orly   LFPO   2 routes
France Entzheim   LFST   1 route
Gabon Leon M Ba   FOOL   1 route
Gambia Banjul Intl   GBYD   1 route
Germany Magdeburg   EDBM   1 route
Germany Karlsruhe Baden Baden   EDSB   1 route
Germany Koln Bonn   EDDK   1 route
Germany Saarbrucken   EDDR   1 route
Germany Hamburg Finkenwerder   EDHI   1 route
Germany Monchengladbach   EDLN   1 route
Germany Schonefeld   EDDB   1 route
Germany Emden   EDWE   1 route
Germany Munster Osnabruck   EDDG   3 routes
Germany Bremen   EDDW   1 route
Germany Mannheim City   EDFM   1 route
Germany Tegel   EDDT   2 routes
Germany Braunschweig Wolfsburg   EDVE   1 route
Germany Hof Plauen   EDQM   1 route
Germany Allgau   EDJA   1 route
Germany Kassel Calden   EDVK   1 route
Germany Schwerin Parchim   EDOP   1 route
Germany Bayreuth   EDQD   1 route
Germany Heringsdorf   EDAH   1 route
Germany Kiel Holtenau   EDHK   1 route
Germany Dusseldorf   EDDL   1 route
Germany Dortmund   EDLW   3 routes
Germany Paderborn Lippstadt   EDLP   1 route
Germany Ramstein Ab   ETAR   1 route
Germany Coburg Brandenstein   EDQC   1 route
Germany Dresden   EDDC   1 route
Germany Barth   EDBH   1 route
Germany Westerland Sylt   EDXW   2 routes
Germany Hamburg   EDDH   3 routes
Germany Nurnberg   EDDN   1 route
Germany Achmer   EDXA   2 routes
Germany Donaueschingen Villingen   EDTD   1 route
Germany Laage   ETNL   2 routes
Germany Niederrhein   EDLV   1 route
Germany Friedrichshafen   EDNY   1 route
Germany Leipzig Halle   EDDP   1 route
Germany Erfurt   EDDE   1 route
Germany Zweibrucken   EDRZ   1 route
Germany Stuttgart   EDDS   1 route
Germany Hannover   EDDV   1 route
Ghana Kotoka Intl   DGAA   1 route
Great Britain Southampton   EGHI   1 route
Great Britain Gatwick   EGKK   2 routes
Great Britain Isle Of Man   EGNS   3 routes
Great Britain Aldergrove   EGAA   1 route
Great Britain Edinburgh   EGPH   1 route
Great Britain Cardiff   EGFF   1 route
Great Britain Northolt   EGWU   1 route
Great Britain Stansted   EGSS   3 routes
Great Britain City   EGLC   2 routes
Great Britain Birmingham   EGBB   1 route
Great Britain Dyce   EGPD   1 route
Great Britain Heathrow   EGLL   2 routes
Great Britain Liverpool   EGGP   1 route
Great Britain Jersey   EGJJ   1 route
Great Britain Gibraltar   LXGB   1 route
Great Britain Manchester   EGCC   1 route
Great Britain Nottingham East Midlands   EGNX   1 route
Great Britain Luton   EGGW   1 route
Great Britain Newcastle   EGNT   1 route
Great Britain Glasgow   EGPF   1 route
Great Britain Prestwick   EGPK   1 route
Great Britain Bristol   EGGD   1 route
Great Britain Biggin Hill   EGKB   3 routes
Greece Aktio   LGPZ   1 route
Greece Diagoras   LGRP   1 route
Greece Nea Anchialos   LGBL   1 route
Greece Ioannis Kapodistrias Intl   LGKR   1 route
Greece Kos   LGKO   1 route
Greece Makedonia   LGTS   1 route
Greece Samos   LGSM   1 route
Greece Ioannina   LGIO   1 route
Greece Megas Alexandros Intl   LGKV   1 route
Greece Eleftherios Venizelos Intl   LGAV   2 routes
Greece Kefallinia   LGKF   1 route
Greece Dionysios Solomos   LGZA   1 route
Greece Karpathos   LGKP   1 route
Greece Santorini   LGSR   1 route
Greece Kalamata   LGKL   1 route
Greece Nikos Kazantzakis   LGIR   1 route
Greenland Nuuk   BGGH   1 route
Hungary Balaton   LHSM   1 route
Hungary Ferihegy   LHBP   1 route
Iceland Keflavik Nas   BIKF   1 route
Iceland Reykjavik   BIRK   1 route
India Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl   VABB   1 route
India Chennai Intl   VOMM   1 route
India Shamshabad Hyderabad Intl   VOHS   1 route
India Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose In   VECC   1 route
India Indira Gandhi Intl   VIDP   1 route
Indonesia Bali Intl   WADD   1 route
Iran Imam Khomeini Intl   OIIE   1 route
Iran Mehrabad Intl   OIII   1 route
Ireland Shannon   EINN   1 route
Ireland Cork   EICK   1 route
Ireland Dublin   EIDW   1 route
Israel Ben Gurion   LLBG   1 route
Italy Villafranca   LIPX   1 route
Italy Bari   LIBD   3 routes
Italy Lamezia Terme   LICA   1 route
Italy Malpensa   LIMC   1 route
Italy Pisa   LIRP   1 route
Italy Olbia Costa Smeralda   LIEO   1 route
Italy Venezia Tessera   LIPZ   3 routes
Italy Firenze   LIRQ   1 route
Italy Rimini   LIPR   1 route
Italy Elmas   LIEE   1 route
Italy Catania Fontanarossa   LICC   1 route
Italy Linate   LIML   1 route
Italy Ciampino   LIRA   1 route
Italy Bergamo Orio Al Serio   LIME   1 route
Italy Genova Sestri   LIMJ   1 route
Italy Torino   LIMF   1 route
Italy Bologna   LIPE   2 routes
Italy Palermo   LICJ   1 route
Italy Fiumicino   LIRF   1 route
Italy Montichiari   LIPO   1 route
Italy Aviano Mil   LIPA   2 routes
Italy Capodichino   LIRN   1 route
Jamaica Sangster Intl   MKJS   1 route
Japan Kansai Intl   RJBB   1 route
Japan Narita Intl   RJAA   1 route
Japan Chubu Centrair Intl   RJGG   1 route
Japan Nagoya   RJNA   1 route
Jordan Queen Alia Intl   OJAI   1 route
Kazakhstan Almaty   UAAA   1 route
Kazakhstan Shymkent   UAII   1 route
Kazakhstan Astana Intl   UACC   2 routes
Kenya Nairobi Jkia   HKJK   1 route
Kenya Mombasa Moi Intl   HKMO   1 route
Korea, South Incheon Intl   RKSI   1 route
Kuwait Kuwait Intl   OKBK   1 route
Kyrgyzstan Manas   UCFM   1 route
Latvia Riga Intl   EVRA   1 route
Lebanon Rafic Hariri Intl   OLBA   1 route
Libya Tripoli Intl   HLLT   2 routes
Lithuania Vilnius Intl   EYVI   1 route
Luxembourg Luxembourg   ELLX   1 route
Madagascar Ivato   FMMI   1 route
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Intl   WMKK   1 route
Maldives Male Intl   VRMM   2 routes
Malta Luqa   LMML   1 route
Mauritius Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Intl   FIMP   1 route
Mexico Cancun Intl   MMUN   1 route
Moldova Chisinau Intl   LUKK   1 route
Montenegro Podgorica   LYPG   1 route
Montenegro Tivat   LYTV   1 route
Morocco Sale   GMME   1 route
Morocco Mohammed V   GMMN   1 route
Namibia Hosea Kutako Intl   FYWH   1 route
Netherlands Eelde   EHGG   1 route
Netherlands Eindhoven   EHEH   1 route
Netherlands Princess Juliana Intl   TNCM   1 route
Netherlands Maastricht   EHBK   1 route
Netherlands Rotterdam   EHRD   2 routes
Netherlands Schiphol   EHAM   2 routes
Nigeria Murtala Muhammed   DNMM   1 route
Nigeria Nnamdi Azikiwe Intl   DNAA   1 route
Nigeria Port Harcourt Intl   DNPO   1 route
Norway Flesland   ENBR   1 route
Norway Gardermoen   ENGM   2 routes
Norway Kjevik   ENCN   1 route
Norway Bodo   ENBO   1 route
Norway Langnes   ENTC   1 route
Norway Sola   ENZV   1 route
Norway Torp   ENTO   1 route
Norway Vaernes   ENVA   1 route
Norway Hoybuktmoen   ENKR   1 route
Oman Seeb Intl   OOMS   1 route
Philippines Ninoy Aquino Intl   RPLL   1 route
Poland Lecha Walesy   EPGD   2 routes
Poland Okecie   EPWA   1 route
Poland Balice   EPKK   1 route
Poland Lawica   EPPO   2 routes
Poland Pyrzowice   EPKT   1 route
Poland Strachowice   EPWR   1 route
Poland Jasionka   EPRZ   1 route
Portugal Madeira   LPMA   1 route
Portugal Faro   LPFR   1 route
Portugal Ponta Delgada   LPPD   1 route
Portugal Santa Maria   LPAZ   1 route
Portugal Porto   LPPR   1 route
Portugal Lisboa   LPPT   1 route
Qatar Doha Intl   OTBD   1 route
Romania Sibiu   LRSB   1 route
Romania Henri Coanda   LROP   1 route
Romania Cluj Napoca   LRCL   1 route
Russia Koltsovo   USSS   1 route
Russia Pulkovo   ULLI   1 route
Russia Rostov Na Donu   URRR   1 route
Russia Pashkovskiy   URKK   1 route
Russia Kurumoch   UWWW   1 route
Russia Yemelyanovo   UNKL   1 route
Russia Khrabrovo   UMKK   1 route
Russia Sheremetyevo   UUEE   1 route
Russia Sochi   URSS   1 route
Russia Strigino   UWGG   1 route
Russia Domodedovo   UUDD   1 route
Russia Vnukovo   UUWW   1 route
Russia Murmansk   ULMM   1 route
Russia Tolmachevo   UNNT   1 route
Saudi Arabia King Abdulaziz Intl   OEJN   1 route
Saudi Arabia King Khaled Intl   OERK   1 route
Saudi Arabia King Fahd Intl   OEDF   1 route
Senegal Leopold Sedar Senghor Intl   GOOY   1 route
Serbia Beograd   LYBE   1 route
Seychelles Seychelles Intl   FSIA   1 route
Singapore Singapore Changi Intl   WSSS   1 route
Slovakia M R Stefanik   LZIB   1 route
Slovenia Maribor   LJMB   1 route
Slovenia Ljubljana   LJLJ   1 route
South Africa Johannesburg Intl   FAOR   1 route
South Africa Cape Town Intl   FACT   1 route
Spain Granada   LEGR   1 route
Spain Alicante   LEAL   1 route
Spain Jerez   LEJR   1 route
Spain La Palma   GCLA   1 route
Spain Santander   LEXJ   1 route
Spain Palma De Mallorca   LEPA   2 routes
Spain Tenerife Norte   GCXO   1 route
Spain Almeria   LEAM   2 routes
Spain Ibiza   LEIB   2 routes
Spain Vitoria   LEVT   1 route
Spain Barcelona   LEBL   2 routes
Spain Menorca   LEMH   2 routes
Spain Tenerife Sur   GCTS   1 route
Spain Girona   LEGE   2 routes
Spain Sevilla   LEZL   1 route
Spain Valencia   LEVC   2 routes
Spain Bilbao   LEBB   1 route
Spain Malaga   LEMG   1 route
Spain Fuerteventura   GCFV   1 route
Spain Lanzarote   GCRR   1 route
Spain Barajas   LEMD   1 route
Spain Gran Canaria   GCLP   1 route
Sri Lanka Bandaranaike Intl Colombo   VCBI   1 route
Sudan Khartoum   HSSS   1 route
Sweden Kiruna   ESNQ   1 route
Sweden Bromma   ESSB   1 route
Sweden Landvetter   ESGG   1 route
Sweden Kallax   ESPA   1 route
Sweden Sturup   ESMS   1 route
Sweden Arlanda   ESSA   1 route
Sweden Ludwika   ESSG   1 route
Switzerland Geneva Cointrin   LSGG   2 routes
Switzerland St Gallen Altenrhein   LSZR   1 route
Switzerland Lugano   LSZA   1 route
Switzerland Bern Belp   LSZB   2 routes
Switzerland Sion   LSGS   1 route
Switzerland Zurich   LSZH   1 route
Syria Damascus Intl   OSDI   1 route
Syria Aleppo Intl   OSAP   1 route
Taiwan Chiang Kai Shek Intl   RCTP   1 route
Tanzania Zanzibar   HTZA   1 route
Thailand Suvarnabhumi Intl   VTBS   1 route
Thailand Bangkok Intl   VTBD   1 route
Thailand Surat Thani   VTSB   1 route
Thailand Phuket Intl   VTSP   1 route
Togo Gnassingbe Eyadema Intl   DXXX   1 route
Tunisia Carthage   DTTA   1 route
Tunisia Zarzis   DTTJ   1 route
Tunisia Habib Bourguiba Intl   DTMB   1 route
Turkey Adana   LTAF   1 route
Turkey Ataturk   LTBA   1 route
Turkey Etimesgut   LTAD   1 route
Turkey Sabiha Gokcen   LTFJ   1 route
Turkey Trabzon   LTCG   1 route
Turkey Adnan Menderes   LTBJ   1 route
Turkey Guvercinlik   LTAB   1 route
Turkey Esenboga   LTAC   1 route
Turkey Antalya   LTAI   1 route
Turkey Caycuma   LTAS   1 route
Turkmenistan Ashgabat   UTAA   1 route
Uganda Entebbe Intl   HUEN   1 route
Ukraine Lviv Intl   UKLL   1 route
Ukraine Boryspil Intl   UKBB   1 route
United Arab Emirates Sharjah Intl   OMSJ   1 route
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Intl   OMAA   1 route
United Arab Emirates Dubai Intl   OMDB   1 route
United States Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl   PANC   1 route
Uzbekistan Yuzhny   UTTT   1 route
Venezuela Simon Bolivar Intl   SVMI   1 route
Vietnam Danang Intl   VVDN   1 route
Vietnam Noibai Intl   VVNB   1 route