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138 departure airports found for destination airport EDDM - Munchen, Germany
Country Airport from ICAO IATA <- click to sort
Albania Gjader   LAGJ   3 routes
Austria Salzburg   LOWS   1 route
Austria Graz   LOWG   1 route
Austria Innsbruck   LOWI   1 route
Belarus Minsk 2   UMMS   1 route
Belgium Oostende   EBOS   3 routes
Belgium Brussels Natl   EBBR   3 routes
Belgium Liege   EBLG   2 routes
Belgium Deurne   EBAW   3 routes
Belgium Koksijde   EBFN   3 routes
Belgium Wevelgem   EBKT   3 routes
Belgium Brussels South   EBCI   3 routes
Bolivia El Alto Intl   SLLP   1 route
Brazil Guarulhos   SBGR   1 route
China Hongqiao Intl   ZSSS   1 route
China Baiyun Intl   ZGGG   1 route
Cuba Juan Gualberto Gomez Intl   MUVR   1 route
Czech Republic Ruzyne   LKPR   1 route
Czech Republic Karlovy Vary   LKKV   1 route
Czech Republic Vodochody   LKVO   1 route
Denmark Vagar   EKVG   1 route
Denmark Kastrup   EKCH   2 routes
Dominican Republic Casa De Campo Intl   MDLR   1 route
Dominican Republic Punta Cana Intl   MDPC   1 route
Dominican Republic Gregorio Luperon Intl   MDPP   1 route
France Aix Les Bains   LFLB   1 route
France Le Bourget   LFPB   3 routes
France Orly   LFPO   3 routes
France Entzheim   LFST   2 routes
France Bale Mulhouse   LFSB   2 routes
France Charles De Gaulle   LFPG   3 routes
Germany Zweibrucken   EDRZ   1 route
Germany Lahr   EDTL   1 route
Germany Bayreuth   EDQD   1 route
Germany Allendorf Eder   EDFQ   1 route
Germany Magdeburg   EDBM   2 routes
Germany Stuttgart   EDDS   1 route
Germany Kiel Holtenau   EDHK   1 route
Germany Altenburg Nobitz   EDAC   1 route
Germany Nurnberg   EDDN   1 route
Germany Erfurt   EDDE   1 route
Germany Westerland Sylt   EDXW   1 route
Germany Mannheim City   EDFM   1 route
Germany Augsburg   EDMA   1 route
Germany Donaueschingen Villingen   EDTD   1 route
Germany Eggenfelden   EDME   1 route
Germany Schwabisch Hall   EDTY   1 route
Germany Leipzig Halle   EDDP   1 route
Germany Allstedt   EDBT   1 route
Germany Hamburg   EDDH   1 route
Germany Monchengladbach   EDLN   1 route
Germany Saarbrucken   EDDR   1 route
Germany Ramstein Ab   ETAR   1 route
Germany Dusseldorf   EDDL   3 routes
Germany Kassel Calden   EDVK   1 route
Germany Karlsruhe Baden Baden   EDSB   1 route
Germany Bautzen   EDAB   2 routes
Germany Bremen   EDDW   1 route
Germany Allgau   EDJA   1 route
Germany Munster Osnabruck   EDDG   2 routes
Germany Paderborn Lippstadt   EDLP   1 route
Germany Landsberg Lech   ETSA   1 route
Germany Koln Bonn   EDDK   2 routes
Germany Hof Plauen   EDQM   1 route
Germany Dortmund   EDLW   2 routes
Germany Straubing   EDMS   1 route
Germany Niederrhein   EDLV   2 routes
Germany Dresden   EDDC   1 route
Germany Heringsdorf   EDAH   2 routes
Germany Frankfurt Main   EDDF   1 route
Germany Frankfurt Hahn   EDFH   1 route
Great Britain Isle Of Man   EGNS   1 route
Great Britain Manchester   EGCC   1 route
Great Britain City   EGLC   4 routes
Great Britain Gatwick   EGKK   2 routes
Great Britain Jersey   EGJJ   1 route
Great Britain Birmingham   EGBB   1 route
Great Britain Liverpool   EGGP   1 route
Great Britain Heathrow   EGLL   2 routes
Greece Eleftherios Venizelos Intl   LGAV   1 route
India Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl   VABB   1 route
Ireland Dublin   EIDW   1 route
Ireland Shannon   EINN   1 route
Ireland Kerry   EIKY   1 route
Italy Ciampino   LIRA   1 route
Italy Perugia   LIRZ   1 route
Italy Firenze   LIRQ   1 route
Jamaica Sangster Intl   MKJS   1 route
Japan Narita Intl   RJAA   1 route
Japan Nagoya   RJNA   1 route
Kazakhstan Aktyubinsk   UATT   1 route
Kazakhstan Almaty   UAAA   2 routes
Latvia Riga Intl   EVRA   1 route
Lithuania Vilnius Intl   EYVI   1 route
Luxembourg Luxembourg   ELLX   2 routes
Mexico Cancun Intl   MMUN   1 route
Netherlands Schiphol   EHAM   1 route
Netherlands Rotterdam   EHRD   2 routes
Netherlands Eelde   EHGG   1 route
Netherlands Maastricht   EHBK   2 routes
Netherlands Princess Juliana Intl   TNCM   1 route
Norway Bodo   ENBO   1 route
Norway Longyear   ENSB   1 route
Norway Vaernes   ENVA   1 route
Norway Sola   ENZV   1 route
Norway Flesland   ENBR   1 route
Norway Gardermoen   ENGM   1 route
Norway Torp   ENTO   1 route
Oman Seeb Intl   OOMS   1 route
Paraguay Silvio Pettirossi Intl   SGAS   1 route
Poland Balice   EPKK   1 route
Poland Lawica   EPPO   2 routes
Poland Pyrzowice   EPKT   1 route
Poland Szwederowo   EPBY   1 route
Poland Strachowice   EPWR   2 routes
Poland Jasionka   EPRZ   1 route
Poland Lecha Walesy   EPGD   1 route
Poland Okecie   EPWA   2 routes
Russia Koltsovo   USSS   1 route
Russia Vnukovo   UUWW   1 route
Russia Tsentralny   UWSS   1 route
Russia Sheremetyevo   UUEE   1 route
Russia Khrabrovo   UMKK   1 route
Russia Domodedovo   UUDD   1 route
South Africa Johannesburg Intl   FAOR   1 route
Sweden Landvetter   ESGG   1 route
Switzerland Zurich   LSZH   3 routes
Switzerland Lugano   LSZA   2 routes
Switzerland Les Eplatures   LSGC   1 route
Switzerland Bern Belp   LSZB   1 route
Switzerland Grenchen   LSZG   1 route
Switzerland Geneva Cointrin   LSGG   2 routes
Switzerland Sion   LSGS   1 route
Tunisia Thyna   DTTX   1 route
Ukraine Lviv Intl   UKLL   1 route
United States San Francisco Intl   KSFO   1 route
United States Honolulu Intl   PHNL   1 route
Venezuela Del Caribe Intl Gen Santiago M   SVMG   1 route